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Dr. Rashidah Binti Ruslan

Education Background

Ph.D. (Agricultural Mechanisation and Automation) – UPM, Malaysia

M.Eng. (Agricultural & Biological) University of Florida, US

B.Eng. (Biological & Agricultural) UPM, Malaysia


Dr. Muhammad Firdaus Bin Abdul Muttalib

Education Background

Ph.D. (Electronics and Electrical Engineering), University of Southampton, UK

M.Sc. (Nanoelectronics), University of Southampton, UK

B. Eng. (Electronics and Computer Engineering), Tokyo Denki University, Japan

Mr. Hirun Azaman Bin Ismail

Education Background

MBA(Management)(Mississippi State University, USA)

B.Sc.(Agricultural Engineering)(Mississippi State University, USA)

Mr. Mohd Sani Bin Jamailudin

Education Background

B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering)(Uitm, Malaysia)

Mrs. Siti Kamariah Binti Md Sa'at

Education Background

B. Eng. (Civil-Environmental) Engineering, UTM, Malaysia

M. Eng. (Civil-Wastewater) Engineering, UTM, Malaysia

Ts. Dr. Fadhilnor Bin Abdullah

Education Background

PhD (Crop Physiology, Massey Uni. NZ)

PGDip. (Horticultural Science, Massey Uni. NZ)

B. Sc. (Plant Physiology, UPM, Malaysia)

Dr. Zainal Abidin Bin Arsat

Education Background

PhD (Biomechanics Engineering) (USM, Malaysia)

M.Eng. (Mechanical Engineering) (UTM, Malaysia)

B.Eng. (Mechanical Engineering) (UiTM, Malaysia)

Diploma Mechanical Engineering (UiTM Malaysia)

Prof. Ir. Dr. Ayob Bin Katimon

Education Background

Ph.d. (Civil Eng), UTM

M.S. (Agric Eng.), Colorado State Univ, USA

B.Eng (Agric.)UPM

Dr. Fathin Ayuni Binti Azizan

Education Background

PhD (Agricultural Remote Sensing) (University of Queensland, Australia)

M.Sc (Water Resources Engineering) (UPM, Malaysia)

B.Eng. (Agricultural and Biosystems) (UPM, Malaysia)

Ir. Hilmi Bin Hairuddin

Education Background

B.Eng (Mechanical) ( UTM )