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Bachelor of  Technology

Accredited by Board of Engineer (BEM) and MQA
Duration: 2.5 Years (University), 1 Year - Work based Learning (Industry)
Employability graduation rate: 90%

About Programme

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor of Technology with Honours offered by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technology, UniMAP has been carefully designed to create a uniquely BALANCE and VERSATILE; between fundamental engineering, technical specialization, production system and industrial management, as well as having highly sought after skills by industries including quality improvement tools.

• Program Description
• The program focuses on manufacturing and machining. This program will produce machining technologies that carry out work such as machine design and manufacturing systems, manufacturing, machine maintenance, machine facility management and production management and machine related project management. The program also aims to produce techno entrepreneurs in machining-related technologies and subsequently produce respected and referenced professionals in machining technology.

• Program Description
• This program focuses on the field of automotive technology with an emphasis on three main areas namely automotive manufacturing, vehicle maintenance and vehicle design modifications. In this program, students can choose a specialization or expertise they want to learn from the two options provided, namely vehicle diagnosis expertise and vehicle design modification expertise. Throughout their studies in this program, students will be exposed to various technologies in the automotive industry such as 3D printing, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, electric vehicles and unmanned vehicles, in line with the circulation of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

This program focuses on the field of welding technology. The program will produce welding technologies that carry out related welding work including maintenance, fabrication, design, safety advisors and production managers. Apart from that, this program also exposes its students to management knowledge and technology entrepreneurs in the field of welding. This program is designed in line with the requirements of the latest industrial environment and emphasizes and exposes in various welding related industries. In general, the field of welding is an important and widespread field in various industrial sectors which includes works related to fabrication, design of safety advisors and maintenance.

PEO - Industrial Machining

PEO - Welding

PEO - Automotive