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Bachelor of Engineering Technology

Accredited by Board of Engineer (BEM) and MQA
Duration: 4 Years
Employability graduation rate: 90%

About Programme

Bachelor of Engineering Technology with Honours offered by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technology, UniMAP has been carefully designed to create a uniquely BALANCE and VERSATILE; between fundamental engineering, technical specialization, production system and industrial management, as well as having highly sought after skills by industries including quality improvement tools.

This programme prepares the workforces who are productive, innovative, creative and well verse with the state-of-the art technology related to mechanical engineering technology. In essence, the programme curricular is designed to lead towards practical needs so as to produce highly skilled graduates in the field of engineering and technology that meet the recent industrial requirement and other sectors concerned. In particular, this programme emphasises on the applications or utilisations of related knowledge and skills within the spectrum of mechanical and machining technology fields. This includes material and metal cutting technology, management of technology and sustainability. In addition, the required university course allows the students to enhance their communication and thinking skills, as well as ethical elements of professionalism in their careers.

Programme Information
The programme aims to generate engineering technologist who are competent and possess a sound and balanced skill in integrating biological engineering and management principles. The course is delivered based on a practical approach that covers basic and applied engineering principles of economics and business management in the agricultural and related industries. The students are also exposed to agro-industrial know-how through courses and skills that are applicable in many related industries. The final semester of the programme is dedicated to the industrial training activity attaching the students to relevant industries mainly to enhance their capability and skill in accordance to the market needs.

Programme Information
The objectives of this programme is to produce highly skilled graduates that possess solid foundation knowledge in the general field of mechanical engineering technology and in the areas of product development particularly. The programme has been designed in a holistic manner to provide students with a blend of theoretical knowledge, industrial artistic and technical skills in the discipline of technology-based product development in line with the requirements of the mechanical engineering industry. Therefore, it would help in producing engineering technologist who are responsible in applying, preparing, maintaining and development products in all aspects to modern mechanical engineering technology.

Programme Description
The objective of this programme is to produce graduates who are skilled, competitive and have a strong knowledge based in the field of materials processing engineering technology. Graduates will have the capability to demonstrate as a knowledge and talented engineering technologist in problem solving skills, in addition to materials processing, characterisation and testing in materials processing technology field. The courses are delivered based on practical approach that covers four main fields which is metal processing, polymer processing, electronic packaging and ceramic processing as well as principles in economics and management. The programme has been designed to cultivate materials engineering technologist who are committed to the important of life-long learning and continuous improvement. Hence, upholding the importance of professionalism and ethics of material processing profession to form a cultured and more developed society.