Programme Educational Objective (PEO)

PEO 01 To produce automotive technologist that perform automotive related work including diagnostic specialist and retrofit specialist
PEO 02 To produce technopreneurs in automotive related technology
PEO 03 To produce relevant respected referred professionals in automotive technology


Programme Outcomes (PO)

PO1 Apply knowledge of technology fundamentals to broadly-defined procedures, processes, systems and methodologies in the field of automotive study.
PO2 Able to suggest and apply latest tools and techniques to solve broadly- defined problems.
PO3 Demonstrate strong analytical and critical thinking skills to solve broadly- defined problems in the field of automotive study.
PO4 Able to communicate and articulate effectively in both verbal and written among technologist communities and society at large .
PO5 Demonstrate understanding of the societal related issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to broadly-defined technology practices.
PO6 Recognize the needs for professional development and to engage independent lifelong learning in specialist technologists.
PO7 Demonstrate an awareness of management and technopreneurship practices in real perspective.
PO8 Demonstrate professionalism and social and ethical consideration .
PO9 Demonstrate leadership quality, mentoring and work effectively in diverse teams.